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who is savitar

Who is This God of Speed?

Season three of The Flash may not be as exciting as the last two, but there is one thing about it that does have people talking. The main villain, Savitar, has yet to be unmasked. In fact, there are probably more suspects than there have been in seasons past. There have been a few hints as to who is Savitar. Here, I’ll go over the possibilities that I see. I’ll explain why it could be that person, and why it may not be that person. So without wasting any time, let’s get to the suspects. Let’s find out, who is Savitar?

Wally West

wally west

Why it could be Wally

At the moment, Wally seems to be the prime suspect. In Flashpoint, Wally was Flash. That led to Savitar giving Wally his speed back in the real timeline. The fact that Savitar gave Wally his speed could be a hint that Wally will turn in to Savitar. One thing we know for sure is that Wally is extremely fast and his speed powers are developing quickly. They’re developing much faster than Barry’s, and it’s obvious that Savitar’s speed far surpasses Barry’s. At the rate he’s going, it seems it won’t be long before Wally passes Barry as well.

We also know that The Flash likes to make its villain reveals personal. How can it be more personal than learning that it’s Iris’ own brother who kills her in the future? Wally is closer to the group than any of the other suspects. Revealing him as Savitar would be the biggest emotional impact. This seems to be the prime reason most people suspect Wally.

Wally also fits part of the story we know about Savitar in a way. We know that Barry, at some point in the future, traps Savitar in the speed force. Wally was just rescued from the speed force, and while Barry did not actually trap him there, it’s easy to see how Wally could blame Barry for that. Savitar has not made any mention of Barry trapping him in the future since that moment. (I could be incorrect about that, so if I am please correct me.) Wally very well could be who is Savitar.

Why it will not be Wally

Wally has been mostly absent since the speed force episode. He’s been around, but has had very few lines. His part in the story has taken a back seat recently, and with him out of the spotlight his reveal as Savitar would not have the same impact. There’s also the fact that Savitar is supposedly the first person to get speed powers. Barry has had his speed much longer than Wally has. Of course, there’s ways that the show could explain that differently, but it seems to almost eliminate Wally from contention entirely.

Another thing going against Wally is the fact that Savitar was actually the one who trapped him in the speed force. It doesn’t make any sense that Savitar would trap himself in the speed force.

H.R. Wells

h.r. wells

Why it could be H.R.

The most obvious piece of evidence against H.R. is that he calls Wally “Wallace”. Savitar also calls him “Wallace”. The other characters on the show only ever refer to him as Wally. There is also the fact that H.R. took on the responsibility of training Wally. We know now that Wally was the one who freed Savitar from the speed force, though it was unintentional. Was H.R. only training him to make sure Wally was fast enough to throw the shard of the stone in the speed force?

There’s also the fact that Savitar himself said he “loves a good myth”. H.R. is a storyteller, so it’s easy to assume that he’s a fan of myths. We know he likes to spin stories out of everything happening around him. It’s not too hard to believe that, if he were to get speed powers, he would try to sell himself as a God. We also know that H.R. has a very strong desire for acceptance. If something were to happen that turned Team Flash against him, he seems like the kind of guy who would take that hard. Hard enough to go way out in the deep end.

Why it will not be H.R.

We’ve already had one season where Tom Cavanagh played a version of Harrison Wells that became a villain. The Flash is redundant enough with the main villain always being a speedster. So another villainous version of Wells seems like too much. Plus, H.R. is one of only two notable additions to the show this season. The other, Julian Albert, ended up being Alchemy. It would be too predictable to make H.R. a villain as well. That takes away all the shock value.

Jay Garrick

jay garrick

Why it could be Jay

There’s much more evidence that Jay is Savitar than you may realize. I’ll start with the most obvious. Jay is currently trapped in the speed force. The reason why? Barry failed to save Wally on his own. Sure, Jay chose to stay behind in Wally’s place, but it’s very easy to say that it was all Barry’s fault. This fulfills one thing we know about Savitar. We have not heard Savitar reference being trapped in the future since.

Jay could also fit the bill of being the first person to have speed powers. Since he is from Earth-3, we don’t know exactly when Jay got his power. We do know that he seems to be a lot more mature in his mastery of the speed force than Barry. He’s somewhat played the role of mentor to Barry at times this season, making him seem like he’s had his speed longer.

Why it will not be Jay

Savitar is ridiculously fast. While Jay seems to be extremely in tune with the speed force, he also seems to be slower than Barry. He’s also older, which would seem to indicate that his speed is going to weaken, rather than grow to the extent of Savitar’s. We know the Savitar tormenting Team Flash is from the future, and Jay is the least likely of all the candidates to still be alive in the future.

It’s also hard to believe that Jay would hold a grudge against anyone for his time in the speed force. Jay seems like a hero through and through. He made his decision to stay knowing full well what it meant. A villainous turn for Jay seems very unlikely.

Future Flash

future flash

Why it will be Future Flash

We’ve heard Savitar say “I am the future, Flash”. Maybe we are interpreting that wrong. Maybe he is saying “I am the Future Flash”. Barry, on earth-one, is the first speedster as far as we know. He has the potential to reach Savitar’s level of speed. This reveal would also possibly carry the most shock value. If it is indeed Future Flash, we should find out on the next episode when current Barry travels to the future. Savitar’s prophecy also makes a strong argument that he is Future Flash. The last part of the prophecy is “one of you will suffer a fate worse than death”.
If Barry were to become Savitar and kill Iris, the love of his life, that seems to be a fate worse than death for Barry.

Why it will not be Future Flash

It’s hard to believe that anything, no matter how terrible, would ever lead Barry to kill Iris. That alone is enough to almost entirely eliminate him from contention. But, in considering who Savitar might be, it seems like we forgot one very important piece of evidence. So, run with me here. Future Flash may be a suspect, but I highly doubt he’s Savitar. I do, however, think we are going in the right direction. So let me present you with my prime suspect.

Future Flash – From the Flashpoint Timeline

The piece of evidence I mentioned that we seem to forget. Savitar knows Flashpoint and knows it well. He knows it well enough that he was going around returning power to the people who had it in Flashpoint. The only other person who remembers anything about Flashpoint is Barry. Obviously he told everyone about it, but they don’t actually remember it. Savitar does.

In Flashpoint, Barry and Iris never met until the main timeline Barry started messing around in things. Flashpoint Barry would have absolutely no emotional connection to Iris. Which makes it absolutely possible that he would kill her. That alone makes this theory possible, but there’s still a few more pieces needed to make it plausible.

So how can Flashpoint Barry and main timeline Barry exist at the same time? That answer can be found in season two of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. He is a time remnant. Barry can make time remnants of himself almost at will, but that’s not what I think happened. I think that Flashpoint Barry also had speed powers. He was the first to have speed powers.

Remember when Harrison Wells came to visit from Earth-2? He remember everything Pre-Flashpoint. This is where my theory starts to get confusing. While Flashpoint was reality, it had it’s own timeline. That means that, even though we only saw what was happening in the present, there was a future. If I’m right that Flashpoint Barry had speed powers, then he could have traveled to an alternate earth in the future of that timeline. We really know nothing about Flashpoint Barry, since we never actually met him, so I realize that makes this theory far fetched. However, follow with me. Future Flashpoint Barry travels to an alternate earth. While he is there, present Barry reverts the timeline and ends Flashpoint. Future Flashpoint Barry survives and becomes a time remnant because he was on an alternate earth. He comes back to his earth, and remembers everything from Flashpoint, much like Harrison and Jesse remembered everything Pre-Flashpoint.

This would almost immediately make him hate normal Barry for ruining his life. Now, at some point, Barry will have to trap this time remnant in the speed force. Or, it could be that reverting Flashpoint is what trapped him in the speed force. Either way, we have a motive for his hatred of Barry, and a good reason to believe he would be willing to kill Iris. It would also fit what we know about Savitar being the first speedster.

Who is Savitar? – In Conclusion

Wally, Jay Garrick, H.R., and Future Barry are the biggest suspects. Most people are leaning towards Wally, though I have my own theory. Let me know if who you think Savitar will be and why. Feel free to poke holes in my theory. Trying to guess who Savitar is may be the most enjoyable part of season three. As always, thanks for reading! Hopefully, we will learn who is Savitar soon.


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