Top 10 Marvel Villains


top 10 marvel villains

Baddest of the Bad in Marvel Comics

Ranking – Top 10 Marvel Villains

For every great hero, there is a villain or ten. The Marvel Universe is built on the backs of its villains almost as much as it is the heroes. Now, not every villain is great. Yet, that only makes the great villains stand out even more. The reason for their greatness may vary. For some, they are great because their unbelievably evil. Some are great because they make us sympathize with them. There are villains with a convince motive, and some with no reason for what they do. Whatever the reason is, I’m here to tell you my top 10 Marvel villains.

Remember, this is my personal opinion. My thoughts are influenced by the comics and the live action movies and television shows. This list is by no means definitive. In fact, I hope that you’ll disagree with me and then we can talk about why. So, without further ado, here is my top 10 Marvel villains.

10. The Sentinels

the sentinels

The Sentinels have one purpose. That is, to destroy mutant life. The thing is, they are surprisingly effective at it. Even though many mutants are powerful beyond belief, the Sentinels continue to adapt and improve their ability to do what they were created to do. Sentinels represent the hatred that humans have for mutants. They show the lengths people are willing to go to when they’re afraid. They are also a picture of what people are willing to do to make sure that the oppressed stay oppressed. The Sentinels are a major threat to the X-Men, and will be for a very long time.

9. Doctor Octopus

doctor octopus

His name may be a bit ridiculous, but Otto Octavius is anything but. Doc Ock is a brilliant scientist, and has proven over and over that his mind is his greatest power. He’s caused a lot of destruction and calamity in his time, sometimes on a pretty large scale. Recently, Octavius stole Peter Parker’s body and set out to prove that he could be a better hero. Ultimately, he learned, what Spider-Man has taught us all, with great power comes great responsibility. All this added a layer of depth to this villain that few others ever achieve.

8. Purple Man

purple man

Zebediah Kilgrave, a.k.a. The Purple Man, is a personal favorite of mine for two reasons. The first being that his power intrigues me. Whatever he tells someone to do, they obey. This power is frightening, because of its potential and because of how personal it is. He’s used it to great effect before, as seen in Alias and the Jessica Jones Netflix Series. The other reason Purple Man is a favorite of mine is because it seems that he could not care less taking over the world. His actions are entirely motivated by his selfishness. He makes people do what he wants, just because he wants. It’s extremely simple, but when you take the history of things he’s wanted in to account, it’s extremely frightening.

7. Thanos


Thanos arguably deserves to be higher on this list. His name strikes fear across the entire Marvel Universe. With or without the infinity gauntlet, he is extremely powerful. With the gauntlet, he killed most life in the universe. He has few weaknesses, the only one worth mentioning being his confidence in his own ability. He is synonymous with death and destruction, and has a love affair with death itself.

6. Kingpin


Kingpin is a master of the long game, and a force to be reckoned with. He is arguably the most powerful crime lord in the world. That alone gives him access to seemingly unending resources to carry out his every whim. His wealth and connections make him practically untouchable by the law. Even great Marvel heroes like Punisher and Daredevil have failed to stop Fisk. His is an empire built to last.

5. Loki


Loki does not like to get his hands dirty. He prefers to operate through lies and manipulation, and will go to great ends to achieve his goals. Given that he is the God of Lies and Mischief, it’s actually surprising how often people are willing to trust him or believe what he says. His part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has caused a huge boost in his popularity, but his place on this list is backed by a long comics history.

4. Red Skull

red skull

He may not be the most powerful, but Red Skull is arguably the most evil villain on this list. There is nothing in his history to suggest that he has even an ounce of morality in him. It’s easy to understand Red Skull. At least, it’s easy to understand why every hero would love to punch him in the face. His only desire is to rule the world. He is as evil as they get.

3. Dark Phoneix

dark phoenix

The Dark Phoenix makes Galactus look like child’s play. How can eating a few planets compare with devouring entire suns? The devastation to life is uncomparable. The Phoenix Saga is arguably the greatest X-Men story of all time, and the Dark Phoenix lies at the center of that. Part of the Phoenix’s greatness lies in the fact that it was born from one of X-Men’s greatest heroes in Jean Grey. Watching a hero we know and love transform into a terrible force of power made this villain all the more villainous. Eventually, Jean would sacrifice herself to stop the Dark Phoenix’s rampage, making this story even more tragic. Sadly, that sacrifice would not end the threat of the Dark Phoenix.

2. Magneto


Magneto is a peculiar character, especially in light of this list. He could arguably be included on list of Marvel’s top 10 heroes. The reason he finds himself on this list is because it seems that every time it appears that Magneto has finally found his place on the side of good, he falls. His own rage from a tragic childhood often causes him to revert back to evil ways. Why is he so memorable though? He may be the most easy villain to sympathize with. In fact, there are times you want to cheer on his villainous exploits. Magneto was persecuted growing up as a Jew during the Holocaust. He was persecuted as a mutant. His life is one of tragedy, and it’s easy to understand why he harbors so much anger.

1. Doctor Doom

dr doom

Dr. Doom’s lust for power has no end. His belief in himself is stronger than Captain America’s belief in truth and justice. It’s really hard to explain the greatness of Dr. Doom. He’s impossible to sympathize with. For all his villainous ways, he’s arguably done a lot of good for his country of Latveria and at times the entire Universe. In a lot of ways, his greatness is a product of his success. Yes, there are times where his arrogance and pride often cause his downfall, but he almost always finds a way to get what he wants. Doom fears no one, no matter how great their power. His mind is on par with the smartest in the Marvel Universe. All this leads to him being the greatest villain Marvel has to offer, no matter who he’s going up against.


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