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The Flash I Know Who You Are – Review

i know who you are

I am the Future Flash

Warning: Spoilers for season 3, episode 20 (I Know Who You Are) of The Flash follow. If you have not watched the episode, read on at your own risk.

Savitar is Finally Revealed

It’s been a long season of The Flash. If you have loved it, or hated it, you have to admit that they have drawn Savitar’s reveal out to the last second possible. In some ways it worked, and in others it did not. I’ll talk about the reveal later though. There was actually a lot of good in this episode that I want to talk about. A lot of characters had some pretty stellar moments. So, I’m going to table the Savitar conversation for the end. I promise I won’t make you wait as long as the Flash made us wait for the reveal.

Let’s start with the obvious. It would be way cool if Killer Frost was the main villain of next season. We already know it will not be a speedster (good thing) so why not make it Killer Frost? Think about how compelling that would be. We’ve spent three seasons cheering for her. She was a vital, and original, member of Team Flash. Her villainous turn is the ultimate betrayal, even more so than Harrison in season 1 and Zolomon last season. Those two were plotting from the beginning. Caitlin actually turned against the people she once loved and supported.

Frost is also just a bit lighthearted. Flash really embraced the doom and gloom this season and it did not work out to well. Maybe a villain who brings a little more levity to the show will be a good thing. In an ideal world, I would like to see Frost lead her own team of Rogues for the main story next season. It could be an all female team even. That would be incredible. Danielle Panabaker has proven that she makes a wonderful villain. I had some doubts as to if I could handle her as a villain in long doses, but two episodes now she has been fully Killer Frost and I have loved it.

Killer Frost Makes Everyone Better

Caitlin’s villainous turn has helped other characters as well. Cisco and Julian especially have benefited. Both of them are torn. Cisco lost his best friend, Julian lost his romantic interest. Carlos Valdes has been especially strong as Cisco. I Know Who You Are capitalized excellently on the dynamic between Cisco and Caitlin. I’m more in the camp that Caitlin died on the table, and Killer Frost is all that’s left. I don’t want Caitlin to come back. Cisco and Julian do though. Julian wants to help her and Cisco is terrified of hurting her. Cisco has multiple chances to bring Frost down, but can’t do it because he’s afraid of hurting her. His hesitance drives Julian crazy, because he thinks if they can capture her they can save her. It’s a fun back and forth, and much more entertaining than the romantic drama this season.

Barry may be the driving force of The Flash, but Cisco is easily just as important. When the show gives him the write amount of screen time and a strong story, the show is at it’s best. Right now, Cisco vs. Frost is the best part of The Flash. After last week’s episode, there were several times this week that I was terrified of Cisco losing his hands to Frost’s ice powers. I was begging to know why he wouldn’t use his powers on her. I wanted him to be the big hero. Why bring in another scientist when we already have Cisco?

I say all that to make a point. If Caitlin doesn’t make her villainous turn, then we don’t have Cisco vs. Frost. We don’t have the improved performances by Carlos Valdes. We’re stuck with Barry, and almost every other character, moping about. So, I’m a big fan of Killer Frost, because Killer Frost makes the most of the show’s characters.

Science Science Science

Back to bringing in another scientist. I really don’t understand it. It’s not that I have a huge problem with it. I really just don’t understand why the show would want to introduce a significant character so late in to the season. Are they trying to set her up to replace Caitlin on Team Flash? To me, it seems like it would make more sense to give the research that Barry obtained from the future to Earth-2 Harrison Wells. I’m sure he would be more than willing to help, and we would not have to worry about him getting overwhelmed. Also, I think it’s funny that they have to use a scientific contraption to stop Savitar. It seems like Barry and Savitar will forever be stuck in a loop. Barry is no longer trying to change the future as much as he is trying to change the order of events. It doesn’t seem like the most effective strategy to me.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • The Flash really loves its romantic drama. Barry/Iris, Caitlin and her relationship troubles, Cisco and women that he could never be with, Wally/Jesse, and now even Joe is in on it. It seems extremely forced. Really, why doesn’t Joe just tell the truth like Barry recommended? That’s the only logical course of action in his situation.
  • So, the date of Iris’ death at the hands of Savitar is coming pretty quickly so Wally, being the hero that he is, runs off to an entirely different universe? Nothing about this makes any sense. Wally has been a non-factor for weeks now. I have no clue why or what to think of it.
  • I actually like Julian now. He was boring when his character arc was all about trying to make Caitlin fall for him. Now that he’s trying to save her, and generally being more active in everything, he’s a lot of fun. This is another reason I like Killer Frost.
  • I’m really glad that the season is almost over and H.R. Wells is still just a big doofus in the best way possible.

Savitar is Barry

So, all this time Savitar has been a future Barry. I’m happy with it. The reveal actually created more questions than it gave answers though. I wrote a while back about my theory on Savitar. I was actually pretty close, and may still possibly be more right than I realized. I still think that this evil Barry is a product of Flashpoint. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

One of the big questions that was brought on by the reveal is what exactly happened to make Barry evil? We saw, last week, future Barry break out of a slump to reunite with Team Flash and rekindle his heroism. So, what happens after that point to lead him back down a terrible path? How did he get that horrible scar on his face? What could possibly lead Barry to kill Iris? I’m sure that we’ll learn the answer to all of these questions soon, and I’m also pretty certain that Flashpoint will be part of the answers.

So, it’s clear now that there were several clues about Savitar’s identity scattered throughout the season. Looking back now, it seems more obvious than it actually was. Anyways, I think it was the smart choice. In way, Barry has been the villain all season long, whether as Savitar or as Barry Allen. Multiple times throughout the show’s three seasons, Barry has completely disregarded everyone else in his life to meddle in time. Barry has been more selfish than some of the villains he’s gone up against. So, it’s nice to see the show acknowledge the villainous side of Barry Allen this way.

I just find it hard to believe that the original Barry could ever find himself in a place where he would kill Iris. That’s why I think Flashpoint is involved. It’s a way to make sense of things. I also do not like the plan of trapping Savitar in the speed force. That seems redundant to me. Like, “hey, instead of finding a way to stop this guy let’s just set in motion the thing that created him”. Makes a lot of sense. Great plan team. I want to see them try to put an end to Savitar. Why not find a way to prevent future Barry from becoming evil? That seems like the most productive solution to me.

I Know Who You Are – In Conclusion

I Know Who You Are finally revealed Savitar’s identity to us. It gave us a great episode from Cisco, Julian, and Killer Frost. It made Wally seem really stupid. It was’t all good, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. The end game of season three is in full motion now, and these last few episodes will end up having the biggest influence on how we look back at the season as a whole. I Know Who You are was a good step in the right direction.

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