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Game of Thrones The Queen’s Justice – Review

the queen's justice

Fire Meets Ice

Warning: Spoilers for season 7, episode 3 (The Queen’s Justice) of Game of Thrones follow. If you have not watched the episode, read on at your own risk.

He’s King in the North

The Queen’s Justice may have been light on action, but it did not have a single meaningless moment. Since the first two episodes were more concerned with setting up plot lines, it’s nice that this week effectively moved them forward. The fact that Bran and Sansa’s reunion felt like the smallest part of this episode speaks loud.

We knew coming in to this episode that Dany and Jon were finally going to meet, but I was happy to see the episode open up with it. A lot of the episode took place in Dragonstone too, so it wasn’t just a little tease of things to come. It was quite entertaining to watch these two differing forces try to be diplomatic. Dany, who is all about formality, seemed to be taken back by Jon’s single-minded pursuit of fighting the White Walkers. Jon seemed to care little for Dany’s pomp and circumstance. All in all it was quite hilarious to watch.

Davos Seaworth, the Ultimate Hype Man

Davos has become one of the most entertaining characters on the show in the last couple of seasons. He constantly steals scenes from the more powerful characters like Jon Snow. In The Queen’s Justice, he stole the show from Daenerys. After sitting through the list of all of her titles, his reply of “This is Jon Snow” followed by an awkward pause before saying “He’s King in the North” was both hilarious and a stark contrast of the two rulers. Dany is proud of her titles. They back up her claim to rule. Jon, though you could grant him a long list of impressive titles, just does not care. He doesn’t want to rule, but his actions have earned it to him. He rules because he must. Dany seeks to rule because it is her right.

The contrast is not to say that one is more worthy of the title of King or Queen. I bring it up to emphasize the vast difference in these two powerful figures, because you can bet that both of them will be central to the story from here on out. It’s hard to imagine a way to beat the White Walkers without these two working together. Not to mention they are connected by their Targaryen bloodline, even though neither of them knows it yet.

Tyrion’s Wisdom

It was also very interesting how, after such a short time with him in season one, Tyrion still held Jon in high regards. If it wasn’t for this, then Jon would most likely be Dany’s prisoner right now. Instead, she’s going to allow him to mine the dragonglass. Of course that comes with the expectation that it will foster an alliance between the two. Right now, Dany is only concerned with Cersei. Even after hearing Jon’s warnings, she really lends no weight to the threat of the White Walkers.

You Were Beautiful

Back in Winterfell, Bran has lost it. Like, completely separated from reality it seems. I guess seeing everything, everywhere, at all times would do that to someone. He showed absolutely no emotion in being reunited with Sansa. It was a little sad. Also, he’s apparently forgotten how social interactions work considering the creepy way he talked about her wedding with Ramsay. Bran obviously has a role to play in the war against the White Walkers and I hope he stays awkward through it all.

I actually loved seeing Sansa in charge of Winterfell. She’s not as obsessed with the White Walkers as Jon is, but she does care about keeping her people alive. I do think she is letting Littlefinger stick around to close though. Everyone knows not to trust Littlefinger at this point. Sansa knows this, and I’m assuming thinks that she is safe because she doesn’t trust him. Let him stick close and work his manipulations though, and he’s going to cause trouble. Even when he’s not trusted, Littlefinger has proven to be dangerous.

With Bran in Winterfell now, and able to see everything, maybe Littlefinger will be sent packing. An alternative would be for Sansa to manipulate him into her grand plan, whatever that may be. That would be somewhat poetic. I would also love for Bran to tell Littlefinger about his future death in the greatest detail possible, just to see his reaction. There’s a lot of potential in these scenarios.

The Valonqar

Now, let’s talk about the ending. One, Tyrion seems overconfident in his military tactics right now. Dany has suffered two major losses now. The first because no one expected Euron to attack out. The second because Tyrion underestimated Jaime’s military mind. Of course, Tyrion had no way of knowing that the gold mines at Casterly Rock had run dry and left it meaningless. Still, you have to wonder if Dany’s trust in him will start to waiver. Losing their ally Olenna Tyrell was a major blow, especially considering the resources of Highgarden. The Tyrell army may not have been much use for Dany, but the Tyrell gold surely was.

Cersei now has the Tyrell wealth and it seems like she will have the backing of the Iron Bank. All told, Dany seems vulnerable even with her three dragons. Cersei appeared to be fighting hopelessly at the beginning of the season. Now, it seems like Dany is the underdog. It’s time for her to flex her muscles, and by that I mean reign fire from above. Like Olenna Tyrell advised, she needs to be a dragon.

I Want Her to Know it was Me

Speaking of Olenna Tyrell, her death may have been the most oddly satisfying on the show to date. It’s not that I wanted her to die, because Dianna Rigg is incredible and always a joy to see on screen. No, it’s more in the way she went out. In death, she backed Jaime into a lose-lose situation. Jaime’s desire is to be honorable, and devoted to Cersei. His way of doing this is by carrying out Cersei’s wishes in the most humane way possible. Cersei says kill Olenna, Jaime finds a way to make it painless. Jaime still desperately wants to be a good guy it seems.

When Olenna admitted to murdering Joffrey, all Jaime could do was leave the room. He had already told her she would die a painless death or he could have lashed out in anger and cut her down, but that would have ruined his honor. He could have verbally assaulted her, but that would only give Olenna the pleasure of seeing him in emotional turmoil. Olenna went out with a bang, and also made me wonder about Jaime going forward. Now he knows absolutely that Tyrion had nothing to do with Joffrey’s murder. He has proof.

Jaime loves Tyrion, and you have to wonder if this is the beginning of discord between Cersei and him. I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

Game of Thrones The Queen’s Justice – In Conclusion

The Queen’s Justice moved several plot points forward, and also gave us the death of one the shows most memorable characters. Every moment mattered, even though the action was light. With so much at stake, every decision counts from here on out. Oh, and the Queen’s Justice was dispensed by Cersei killing the last of Oberyn’s daughters.

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