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The Flash Duet – Review


Take it From the Top

Warning: Full spoilers for season 3, episode 17 (Duet) of The Flash follow. If you have not watched the episode, read on at your own risk.

Let’s Duet

Musicals are not for everyone. I would not be surprised at all if a fair share of people who watch The Flash are not musical fans. That’s completely okay. To me, this episode is really one that you either love or hate. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot. I was hesitant about it at first, but it proved to be entertaining. I always enjoy episodes that let us see the cast in different ways than we are accustomed to.

One of the things that made the episode enjoyable for me was that Barry and Kara were in on the ridiculousness. They both realized from the start that something was off about this whole song and dance. So, they got to experience the craziness along with us. I couldn’t help but laugh every time they would encounter someone they knew, and Barry would call them by the name that he knew them by. Then, things would get awkward when they would have an entirely different name, and no clue what he’s talking about.

Everyone, aside from Malcolm Merlyn, that appeared in the musical world was able to play a wildly different role than the norm. Jesse L. Martin was a mob boss and it was awesome. I will admit that his musical number did get a bit weird for me, though, if only because the three men’s voices didn’t blend so well. I did not like Professor Stein’s singing at all, actually.

Waking Up

Honestly, even though I enjoyed this episode, it did not offer much in the way of progressing the season. It was actually a bit lame to get to the end of the episode and find out that the entire thing was a ruse to make Barry and Kara return to their lovers. I guess that it is kind of a big deal that Barry re-proposed to Iris and the wedding is back on. In the long run though, especially this late in the season, I would have liked the episode to be more important to the overall story.

It was a lot of fun, but almost felt entirely pointless. The Flash has a tall mountain to climb if it wants to make this season memorable. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed season three, it’s just that I feel like I should be more invested this far into the season. We still have no clue who Savitar is or why he hates Barry so much. Really, Savitar hasn’t even done anything that evil. Sure, we know he’s going to kill Iris in the future but we also have no reason to believe that Barry will fail to prevent that. I would really like it if Savitar would make a real impact sometime soon.

It’s almost time to start building towards the finale. I hope the show isn’t fumbling to put the pieces together when we get there. The Flash has a great cast that can make almost any episode enjoyable. Duet was a perfect example of that. They can only do so much to cover up a weak story though. Right now, season three could go either way.

Duet – In Conclusion

Barry really loves his musicals and he’s got some singing chops of his own. It took being trapped in a musical dream for him to realize the mistakes he made in his relationship with Iris. It was fun having Supergirl there with him. Duet was enjoyable, but it offered nothing to the story of season three.

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