How To Think Like Batman

How To Think Like Batman: Becoming the Bats

So, You really Want to Know How to Think Like Batman?

Who doesn’t admire Batman at least a little? He’s the Dark Knight! Criminals fear him. Even Superman holds him in high regards. He is one of the most recognizable pop culture icons in America. His logo is on clothing and memorabilia in every town. People are crazy for the Bats. A lot of people want to know how to think like Batman.

One of the reasons for this is because Batman is awesome, plain and simple. He’s filthy rich, filthy smart, and filthy resourceful. He’s held his own with super powered beings whose strength far surpassed his own. He is the worlds greatest detective. Face it, we want to know how to think like Batman because Batman is cooler than us. Is he really though? Let’s break down how to think like Batman, and then you can decide.

Step One: Live a Life of Tragedy

Batman’s life is full of tragedy and, possibly more than anything else, that tragedy has molded him into the hero he is. There’s no getting around it, if you want to think like Batman you need to experience life like Batman. That may not sound very appealing, but it is the first step on the ladder to becoming Batman. How can you be dark and brooding if you’ve never experienced personal tragedy?

Step Two: Trust No One

If you want to know how to think like Batman, then you’ve got to start thinking that everyone is a danger. It’s not that Batman is so distrusting of others that he completely shuts himself off. No, it’s more that he doesn’t trust people so he always has a contingency plan. Take Superman for example. Superman is the pinnacle of goodness. If there was a spokesperson for the right and honorable, it would be Superman. But, Batman doesn’t trust that Superman will always be good. (He also knows that Sups is pretty susceptible to mind control, but for the sake of argument we’ll just mention that here.) If Superman were to turn away from the side of Justice, he would wreak havoc on the world. Now, take that same caution and apply to everyone in your life. It may seem like Batman trusts his butler Alfred, but I bet he also has a contingency plan in place for Alfred as well. Stop trusting people, and start formulating plans in case they prove that they can not be trusted. That is step number two on the ladder of how to think like Batman.

Step Three: Never Sleep

Between being a billionaire businessman and a costumed vigilante, you know Batman barely ever sleeps. I guessing at most he gets around 3 hours a week. He has to be ever vigilant. He has to keep up his public appearance. There are so many demands on the Batman, sleep must fall by the wayside. Have you ever gone a long period of time with very little sleep? It seriously affects your ability to think. If you want to think like Batman, you need to start practicing. You need to start sacrificing sleep so you can fine tune your mind to work just as well on no sleep as it does on a full night of sleep.

Step Four: Overcome Your Biggest Fear

We all know by now that the reason the Batman became the Batman and not Eagleman or some other ridiculous concept is because of young Bruce Wayne’s fear of bats. He overcame his biggest fear, and made it his power. He took the fear he felt, and now instills that fear in his enemies. So, if you want to think like Batman then you need to identify your biggest fear and get to work overcoming it. Then, you need to find a way to make your enemies feel that same fear. Step four on the ladder of how to think like Batman. Become what you fear the most, even if it could kill you.

Step Five: Get Acquainted With Technology

Batman loves his gadgets, and uses them often. You know that a lot of his free time has to be spent thinking about new gadgets, or how to upgrade the ones he currently has. Then, there’s all the training with what he has, and working out the best in-fight scenario to use them. In order to have the best and most effective gadgets, you need to know your tech. You have to know what is cutting edge in the world right now. Then, you need to make it better. Sometimes you even need to make it bigger. You also have to make it look cool, and it needs to fit on a utility belt.

How To Think Like Batman: Don’t

Batman is extremely awesome. Being Batman, however, is probably not so awesome. You pretty much have to constantly be think and planning for the never ending fight against crime. Friends and family will fall by the wayside. You’ll never get any sleep. Tragedy will define your life. Really, why would anyone want to be or think like Batman? Even still, at least now you know how to think like Batman.


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