Gypsy – The Flash (TV Series) – Who is She?

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DC Comics Gypsy

Gypsy was introduced in season three of The Flash, on episode eleven. You can find the review for that episode here Her television version is quite a bit different from her comics counterpart. I’ll quickly break down some of those differences before diving in to her role on the show.


In her original comics origin, Gypsy is a girl born to a suburban couple who runs away to Detroit later in life. The show more closely lines up with her New 52 origin as a metahuman from an alternate earth. In the New 52 she is the daughter of super villain Mordeth from an alternate earth. On the show, she is a Collector from Earth-19. Collectors appear to be some sort of law enforcers, whose primary purpose is to bring to justice those who have crossed over to other earths.


The powers of Gypsy differ greatly from comics to television. In the comics, her main power is the ability to cast illusions that help her to blend in with her surrounding. Basically, her main power is making herself invisible. This power can also be extended to anyone in close proximity of her. Her powers of illusion do not stop there though. She can also project illusions in to the mind of another person. She often uses this to show the affected person their greatest fear. She has several other ways of using her illusion casting power as well.

On the television show, Gypsy’s powers are the same as Cisco Ramone’s, a.k.a. Vibe. That is her powers revolve around the ability to control vibrations. This power manifests itself in many useful ways. She can directly create a blast of vibration to use as a physical attack. She can also use her powers to create a tear in the fabric between earths, allowing her to travel freely through dimensions. This function of her power can also be used as a portal to another location on the same earth. Just like Cisco, she can also gain some insight. from making contact with people and things that, that would otherwise be unknowable to her.

On the Televeision Show

Gypsy would show up on The Flash with the purpose of bringing H.R. Wells to justice. Traveling between earths is a major crime on Earth-19, one punishable by death. As H.R. is a fugitive of the law, it is her task as a collector to apprehend him. Her task would not be easy though. H.R. would reveal to Barry and Cisco that if they were to defeat Gypsy in a trial by combat, then he would be in their possession. So to save Wells from certain death, Cisco challenges and defeats Gypsy in combat. From the time she first makes her presence known to Team Flash, Cisco flirts with Gypsy. It would seem that she also has a small crush on Cisco from certain comments made throughout the episode. Before returning to Earth-19, she teases Cisco with a kiss that he would not receive. The show left it open for Gypsy to return later on down the line.


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