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Who are the Magicians of the DC Universe?

Magic Makes its Mark through DC Magicians

The DC Universe is full of heroes and villains with extraordinary powers. Almost every power you can imagine can be found in the DC Universe. From super-strength, to telepathy, and there is even a guy whose power is eating and digesting any substance. Oh, and don’t forget about Batman! Among all of these powers, DC Magicians have some of the strongest. Here’s a look at some of DC’s strongest and most well known magicians.

Doctor Fate

doctor fate

Doctor Fate was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. Real name Kent Nelson, he was with his father, an archaeologist, when they discovered an ancient underground pyramid. The pyramid contained the immortal being Nabu, who was suspended in animation. Kent released Nabu, causing a poisonous gas to release and kill his father. It turns out that Nabu engineered the situation to find a host body.

Nabu would go on to mentor Kent, teaching him the secrets of the universe and, by product of total molecular control of his body, giving him incredible powers. Nabu also, through this control, took away Kent’s grief over his dead father. Kent would serve as an agent of the Lords of Order, a group of godlike beings dedicated to keeping order in the universe. They were in constant battle with the Lords of Chaos, who pretty much did the exact opposite of the Lords of Order. After completing his training, Nabu would give Kent an amulet, cloak, and helmet that would officially make him Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate’s is best described as a sorcerer. His powers range from dimensional traveling to resurrection. He is significantly weakened when not wearing his helmet, and has a weakness to gas-related attacks. It is the amulet, cloak, and helmet that give Doctor Fate his greatest strength. In fact, Kent Nelson would not be the only person to wear these items, meaning he’s not the only person to be known as Doctor Fate.

John Constantine

john constantine
Constantine’s specialty is dealing with the occult. He’s a detective from Liverpool, and most of his stories deal in the supernatural. Constantine tends to be a bit anti-social, and has the mindset of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Because of this, he is seen more as an anti-hero. One interesting fact about Constantine is that it is no secret that Batman is his favorite superhero.

Constantine is a magician, though he is extremely reluctant to use the magic he does know. He prefers to work through negotiation, only using magic when absolutely necessary. His mastery of magic is not as strong as the others on this list, but he gets a mention in DC magicians because of his specialty in dealing with demons and the occult.



Probably not the first person that comes to mind when you hear the name Shazam. Billy Batson shouts Shazam to transform from a kid into a powerful hero. This powerful hero he becomes is commonly known as Shazam these days because of that shouting. Though, the Wizard who gave him his powers is the real Shazam. The wizard’s real name is Mamaragan and he was the last of a council of beings who, from the fortress called the Rock of Eternity, controlled magic. It is this Wizard that gives Billy Batson the power to become Shazam, after he becomes extremely weakened and unable to use them effectively himself. If the Wizard can give Billy Batson such great powers, imagine how strong his own must have been before being weakened.

Mamaragan would die after giving his powers to Billy, but would still be able to work through his spirit. Mamaragan gets the mention here instead of Billy Batson because it is his magic that powers Billy. It is possible that Mamaragan could be one of the greatest of DC magicians.



Zatanna is arguably the most well known magician in all of DC Comics. She comes from a family and lineage full of magicians, such Leonardo da Vinci. Her father and cousin are both magicians as well. Her mastery over magic is as strong as it gets. It is well known that she invokes her spells by speaking words backwards, which is known as Logomancy.

She is a reserve member of the Justice League, aiding them when they need her help. She also had a short romance with Batman, which is enough to make her a big deal on its own. On multiple occasions she has altered someone’s mental reality, either making them forget things entirely or altering the person’s memories. This actually led to some distaste towards her from Batman.

Zatanna’s biggest weakness is directly tied to her strength. Since she invokes spells by speaking, anything that takes away her ability to speak rends her powerless. Multiple villains have used this against her. The most notable occasion of this happening would be Joker shooting her in the neck. Zatanna is one of the most powerful DC magicians, making her the perfect hero to end this article.


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