Spider-man: Homecoming – Review

High School Shouldn’t be this Difficult Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming follow. If you have not watched the movie, read on at your own risk. Third Time’s a Charm After making his big screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man finally arrives in his own film. This is the[…]

wonder woman

Wonder Woman Review – DC Comics Movie

Finally, A Win for the DCEU Warning: Spoilers for Wonder Woman follow. If you have not watched the movie, read on at your own risk. Also, go watch Wonder Woman. Remembering Old Friends Man of Steel was divisive. Batman v Superman had a big opening, then a steep dropoff to[…]

beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast – Review

A Tale as Old as Time Warning: Full spoilers for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (directed by Bill Condon) follow. If you have not watched this movie, read on at your own risk. Disney Magic This most recent weekend marked the opening of Beauty and the Beast to movie theaters.[…]


Logan Review – Spoiler Free

One Last Snikt This is a spoiler free review of Logan, directed by James Mangold. Basically, I won’t reveal any major plot points from the movie. I will talk about some important things though. If you don’t mind knowing minor plot points then read on. If you want to watch[…]

lego batman movie

The Lego Batman Movie – Review

The Batman Movie We Deserve Warning: Full spoilers for The Lego Batman Movie follow. If you have no watched the movie, read on at your own risk. Lego Batman Delivers the Goods After BvS, Lego Batman was the Batman movie I needed to see. That’s not to say that I[…]

movies 2016

Top 5 Movies 2016

Top 5 Movies 2016 The List You’ve Been Waiting For Movies get all the money. They get all the attention. They draw the crowds. Movies are capable of doing a lot. Some evoke emotions we rarely feel in every day life. Other times they make you wish for your money[…]

suicide squad

Suicide Squad – Review

Warning: This is a spoiler-free review, but minor plot points may be discussed. Worst. Heroes. Ever. Seriously, they are pretty terrible people. Suicide Squad officially hit theaters today, with early screenings yesterday. I want to tell you that you should be running to the theater to watch it immediately, but[…]

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

Warning: Full spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse follow. If you have not seen the movie, read on at your own risk. Another really bad day for Magneto. When it comes down to it, X-Men apocalypse is a simple and focused little romp of a movie. If you go into it expecting[…]

Summer 2016: Movies to Look Forward to.

Summer is Coming The summer season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to look ahead at what will be hitting the screens over the next couple of months. Admittedly, most of these are movies that I am looking forward to but I will do my best to include[…]