top 10 marvel villains


Top 10 Marvel Villains

Baddest of the Bad in Marvel Comics Ranking – Top 10 Marvel Villains For every great hero, there is a villain or ten. The Marvel Universe is built on the backs of its villains almost as much as it is the heroes. Now, not every villain is great. Yet, that[…]

top 10 marvel heroes

Top 10 Marvel Heroes

Ranking Marvel’s Best Top 10 Marvel Heroes – As Decided By Me Marvel has been a huge presence in the comics industry for a long time now. That presence is only growing with their foothold on the movie industry. Marvel’s heroes are some of the most well known characters in[…]

top 10 dc villains

Top 10 DC Villains

The Best of the Bad Suicide Squad premiered tonight and is officially releasing tomorrow. I’ve already watched the movie, so my review will be up in the morning. But, like I said earlier this week, tonight I’m celebrating by naming my top 10 DC villains. I’ll be entirely honest, this[…]

top 10 dc heroes

Top 10 DC Heroes

Actually, Just My Favorites. First off, let me start by apologizing for my long absence before I give you the top 10 DC heroes. Since most of the fall/winter television shows ended and summer started up, I’ve been pretty busy and there really hasn’t been that much to right about.[…]


The Television Shows I Re-watch Most Often

There’s no Such Thing as Too Much Television. There are a lot of good television shows out there worth watching at least once. Then there are those shows that, for some reason or another, you have to watch again and again. Sometimes the show is just that good. Sometimes the[…]


Arrow Season 4: What Worked and What Did Not.

Warning: Spoilers for Season Four of Arrow will be found in this article. If you have not watched the entire season, read at your own risk.   The Highs and Lows of Arrow.   At this point, you have to start thinking that Arrow’s best days are behind it. The[…]

The Flash


5 Things I Want to See in Season Three of The Flash

The Flash is Speeding Away   With the close of season two, it’s time to look to the future of The Flash. The show is speeding away from the competition (pun intended) in my books. On tv, which means I’m excluding the Netflix series, there’s not a superhero show that[…]