top 10 marvel villains


Top 10 Marvel Villains

Baddest of the Bad in Marvel Comics Ranking – Top 10 Marvel Villains For every great hero, there is a villain or ten. The Marvel Universe is built on the backs of its villains almost as much as it is the heroes. Now, not every villain is great. Yet, that[…]


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Gypsy – The Flash (TV Series) – Who is She?

DC Comics Gypsy Gypsy was introduced in season three of The Flash, on episode eleven. You can find the review for that episode here Her television version is quite a bit different from her comics counterpart. I’ll quickly break down some of those differences before diving in to her role[…]


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Plunder – The Flash – Who is He?

Plunder – A Deeper Look at the Character Plunder is a character from DC comics. This article in particular seeks to shed a little light on the character for the television show The Flash, by looking at his history in the comics. He was introduced in season three, episode ten[…]

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The Flash Review: “Shade”

Out of the Shade Warning: The Flash review of season 3, episode 6. Full spoilers follow. Read at your own risk. Let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat. It’s a little bit funny how the title character, Shade, of The Flash for this week’s episode[…]



The Flash: “Magenta” Review

There’s a New Speedster Around Warning: Full spoilers for season 3, episode 3 (Magenta) of The Flash follow. If you have not watched the episode, read at your own risk. After a hectic two weeks to start the season off, it seems that The Flash is beginning to settle down.[…]



Arrow “The Recruits” Review

Team Arrow 2.0: The Recruits Report for Duty Warning: Full spoilers for season 5, episode 2 (The Recruits) of Arrow follow. If you have not watched the episode, read at your own risk. Let me start off by admitting my skepticism about this season of Arrow. The season 4 finale[…]

The Flash - Paradox


The Flash – Paradox Review

Time Doesn’t Heal Everything Warning: Full spoilers for Paradox; season 3, episode 2 of The Flash follows. If you have not watched it, read on at your own risk. This season of The Flash is wasting no time to get rolling. The premier was fast-paced and emotional, and Paradox follows[…]

The Flash - Flashpoint


The Flash – “Flashpoint” Review

Flashpoint: Nothing is as We Know. Warning: Full spoilers from season three, episode one(Flashpoint) of The Flash are contained in this post. If you have not watched the episode, read at your own risk. Don’t Mess With Time For a moment there, I thought we would be able to delight[…]

Luke Cage


Marvel’s Luke Cage – Netflix Season 1 Review

Luke Cage… Not Quite for Hire. I’m finally finished with my binge watch of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix. Again, Marvel delivers a standout that feels much different from what we see on the big screen, but there are several elements to this story that also make it feel different[…]