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DC Magicians – Magic Users of the DC Universe

Who are the Magicians of the DC Universe? Magic Makes its Mark through DC Magicians The DC Universe is full of heroes and villains with extraordinary powers. Almost every power you can imagine can be found in the DC Universe. From super-strength, to telepathy, and there is even a guy[…]


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Gypsy – The Flash (TV Series) – Who is She?

DC Comics Gypsy Gypsy was introduced in season three of The Flash, on episode eleven. You can find the review for that episode here Her television version is quite a bit different from her comics counterpart. I’ll quickly break down some of those differences before diving in to her role[…]

How To Think Like Batman

How To Think Like Batman: Becoming the Bats So, You really Want to Know How to Think Like Batman? Who doesn’t admire Batman at least a little? He’s the Dark Knight! Criminals fear him. Even Superman holds him in high regards. He is one of the most recognizable pop culture[…]


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Plunder – The Flash – Who is He?

Plunder – A Deeper Look at the Character Plunder is a character from DC comics. This article in particular seeks to shed a little light on the character for the television show The Flash, by looking at his history in the comics. He was introduced in season three, episode ten[…]

Count Olaf


Count Olaf – Who is He?

Count Olaf on Netflix This article is about Count Olaf. Count Olaf is a character in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Count Olaf was first introduced as a character in the books, then a movie, and recently a Netflix television series. This article will be talking about Count[…]

Firefly and Serenity: My Story of Ten Years of Denial

It has been over ten years now since Firefly and Serenity first came out. But, I’m still going to give a spoiler warning here, especially for Serenity. I made it all these years without spoilers, and if you’ve done the same I don’t want to ruin it for you. Firefly[…]

Celebrating Mother’s Day

There is no shortage of mothers in the world of comics. Whether it be the mother of a superhero or the superhero mother, moms have been well represented in comics for awhile now. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that all mothers in comics are great mothers, and it most definitely[…]