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Gypsy – The Flash (TV Series) – Who is She?

DC Comics Gypsy Gypsy was introduced in season three of The Flash, on episode eleven. You can find the review for that episode here Her television version is quite a bit different from her comics counterpart. I’ll quickly break down some of those differences before diving in to her role[…]

The flash review dead or alive

The Flash Review: Dead or Alive

Wanted: Cisco Ramone Warning: This is The Flash Review. Spoilers for season three, episode eleven (Dead or Alive) of The Flash follow in this post. If you have not watched the episode, read on at your own risk. She’s Got a Gypsy Soul This week on The Flash, Dead or[…]

How To Think Like Batman

How To Think Like Batman: Becoming the Bats So, You really Want to Know How to Think Like Batman? Who doesn’t admire Batman at least a little? He’s the Dark Knight! Criminals fear him. Even Superman holds him in high regards. He is one of the most recognizable pop culture[…]


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Plunder – The Flash – Who is He?

Plunder – A Deeper Look at the Character Plunder is a character from DC comics. This article in particular seeks to shed a little light on the character for the television show The Flash, by looking at his history in the comics. He was introduced in season three, episode ten[…]

borrowing problems from the future

The Flash Review: Borrowing Problems From The Future

That’s a Nice Timeline You Have There Warning: Full spoilers for season three, episode ten (Borrowing Problems From The Future) of The Flash follows. If you have not watched the episode, read on at your own risk. Let’s Change the Future! The Flash returns from it’s winter break with a[…]

Count Olaf


Count Olaf – Who is He?

Count Olaf on Netflix This article is about Count Olaf. Count Olaf is a character in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Count Olaf was first introduced as a character in the books, then a movie, and recently a Netflix television series. This article will be talking about Count[…]

movies 2016

Top 5 Movies 2016

Top 5 Movies 2016 The List You’ve Been Waiting For Movies get all the money. They get all the attention. They draw the crowds. Movies are capable of doing a lot. Some evoke emotions we rarely feel in every day life. Other times they make you wish for your money[…]

tv shows 2016

Top 5 TV Shows 2016

TV Shows 2016 Something I can Actually Talk About I may not have played many games, but I did watch a lot of television this last year. You could probably say it was the main occupant of my time, outside of work. Established shows continued to entertain, and new shows[…]

best video games of 2016

The Best Video Games of 2016

Best Video Games of 2016 That I Actually Played I’ll be completely honest, I did not play many new games in 2016. In fact, I only played two games that actually came out during so they’re both making it onto the list. I know, how lame right? I can’t help[…]