suicide squad

Suicide Squad – Review

Warning: This is a spoiler-free review, but minor plot points may be discussed. Worst. Heroes. Ever. Seriously, they are pretty terrible people. Suicide Squad officially hit theaters today, with early screenings yesterday. I want to tell you that you should be running to the theater to watch it immediately, but[…]

top 10 dc villains

Top 10 DC Villains

The Best of the Bad Suicide Squad premiered tonight and is officially releasing tomorrow. I’ve already watched the movie, so my review will be up in the morning. But, like I said earlier this week, tonight I’m celebrating by naming my top 10 DC villains. I’ll be entirely honest, this[…]

top 10 dc heroes

Top 10 DC Heroes

Actually, Just My Favorites. First off, let me start by apologizing for my long absence before I give you the top 10 DC heroes. Since most of the fall/winter television shows ended and summer started up, I’ve been pretty busy and there really hasn’t been that much to right about.[…]